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Increase your sales by carrying the products and services of one of the most recognized brands in wireless. We offer national T-Mobile brands, including T-Mobile, Ultra Mobile

Retail cell phone store

Why Become a Multicarrier?

  • Drive increased traffic and improve your conversion by offering a full suite of products and services.
  • Access to Choice Orders extensive inventory of handsets and accessories.
  • Choose the products and services that best suit your customers.

Why Partner with Choice?

  • 20+ years of experience as a Master Agent in the wireless industry.
  • Expansive network of team members, suppliers, and support.
  • Partnering with Choice opens more opportunities to grow your distribution and sales.
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Aggressive Compensation

We have an aggressive compensation schedule that is designed for your long term success.

Dedicated Market Support

We have dedicated team members stationed all over so we can provide hands-on support.

In-House Customer Care

Our dedicated team of bilingual Customer Care Representatives are here to for you and your customers.

Doug Barton
Choice is engaged in my business and
has been a key partner in my success.
Derek Gill
I appreciate having someone located
where I live that is invested in my business.

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